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As a brand grows and consumers demands are changing, it is easy to lose site of the original intention of the brand. As an agency, we will always ensure your brand stays strong and true to your core values even as it excitedly evolves and the future is beginning to be anticipated. We will keep a close eye on your portfolio to ensure that you are consistent through your message. Where appropriate, we will rationalise overlaps and identify gaps for innovation. It is very easy to take a brand away from its original intent, standing out and getting noticed is hard enough without the additional bonus of mixed messaging.


Having a coherent plan in place for your marketing and business development is crucial if you are to achieve your business’ goals. By carefully mapping this strategy, we help to unlock the power of the different opportunities available to you.
However, it is vital to maintain a professional finger on the pulse as your strategy is implemented. Through an agile and responsive approach, we ensure your business continues to maximise its potential, steering you through changing waters towards success.


We bring great ideas from concept to reality. Covering the full spectrum of marketing and branding solutions, Ettle are your one-stop creative marketing agency. We work with passion, energy and dedication to project your business forward. Whether thorough the building of a new website, the creation of a new brand or the printing of branded merchandise, we drive through forward-thinking ideas to generate your business’ success.

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Middle English

intention; intent; purpose.

intend; aspire; attempt; try; ambitious; to think.

from Old Norse ætla (to think, suppose, intend, purpose)

from Proto-Germanic *ahtalōną (to strive, think)

from Proto-Indo-European *ok- (to think, intend, purpose)

from Middle English aghtelen, ahtlien (esteem, purpose, set out, arrange)

from Old English eahtian (to estimate, esteem, fix the character or quality of something, consult about, consider, deliberate, mediate, devise, watch over, speak of with praise)